Sick and tired, ready for a change?


If this is the way you have been feeling for a while, even before the quarantine due to C-19 Maybe this article could help you get started.
Many of us go through life knowing that life must be much more than, the everyday stress, the lack of joy, the lack of purpose, the lack of desire, the unhappy feelings, the indifference towards the future, and a bunch of dead dreams. We also know that we are missing something and that we need a big change in our lives and to get out of this routine that is not taking us anywhere. What we don’t know, is what to do to live a happier fulfilling, positive life.
Have you ever asked you the question why, if other people believe that (not a perfect life) you have everything to be happy.
– Young and healthy.
– A wonderful (not perfect) family with a wife and kids who loves you.
– A beautiful home
-A nice car/Boat
– A decent retirement plan on place.
-Working for a big corporation with a good salary and benefits.
-Living in the richest and safest country on the planet.
\Why you cannot stop feeling depressed, empty, and unhappy? Even when you realized that you should be feeling lucky and happy, but instead, very often you feel that life is ridiculously hard and unfair.
Sometimes we have the feeling that we are missing something in our lives. We want to believe that we will find it in new relationship, buying a new car, going on vacation, changing jobs, getting in a new business etc. But unfortunately, it does not last. Then we choose to go to see a Psychotherapist for help, hoping that he or she, well figure out what is wrong with us. Most of the time we will end up temporarily
taking antidepressants and anxiolytics, unfortunately, others will take them for life. So far nothing had worked, you have not been able to find what you seek, and you cannot stop feeling depressed, empty, and unhappy.
Well maybe, you have been searching in the wrong places. Until now you had been searching for answers outside yourself, in other people, and into material things. Maybe is time to try to start looking for answers deeply inside yourself.
-What are you talking about?
– Yes, I know It could be scary to do that because, if you do that there will be no circumstances or nobody to blame. Have you ever thought that the only thing that you are missing in your life is a real connection with the highest power? God, Holy Spirit, Buddha, Universe, Cosmos, Destiny, or however you want to call it. One day you could try to find that connection. After all, what you are currently doing is not working. As you could see, you have nothing to lose.
I have been carefully thinking which book could be a good place to start. I believe that the book, The seven spiritual laws of success from Deepak Chopra could be the one.
That connection with The Highest Power will help you to love yourself for what you really are, a unique human being, that that has everything inside himself to be happy.
It is true that we do not have control of many things that happen outside of ourselves, such as the stock market, the economy, or how other people behave, but it is also true that you and only you have absolute control of how all those exterior things affects you emotionally. You also have control over how the stress in your Job, your responsibilities, and how you let the opinion of others affect you. It takes a lot of courage to recognize and accept this truth, for it is easier to feel miserable and to blame others.
We can not get something for nothing, we cant do something out of nothing so, what are you willing to pay to live a happier and fulfilled life. The price is personal changes. Changes that will allow you to grow and to see things from a bigger spectrum. To see long-lasting results in your life many times it will be necessary to make a 180 ° turn. We all know that the world was not made in a single day, but if you add up small changes in a short time you would get that 180 ° turn you need. Take action, be willing to take accountability, if you think that your physical and mental health are important for you, then learn to stay away from negative, conflictive people and toxic environments. Sometimes it will be difficult because it is a familiar environment for you. If you have been fighting stress with pills, with alcohol or drugs, now try to do sport, exercises, and meditation. If you have been trying to fulfill an empty and purposeless life with an artificially perfect life on social media, close your account, it is probably just adding up more stress to your real life. If you would like to be in better physical shape but, are discouraged of diets and sports so you don’t even bother anymore. Now you should learn new eating habits and eliminate those that do not serve you.
There will be many circumstances, that even doing your absolute best, the outcome will be different from your expectations. But this time it won’t be a guilty feeling, on the contrary, is very satisfying and comforting knowing that you did your best and will be easier for you to move on.
If you don’t feel ready to reconnect with the Highest power yet, keep in mind that you are not alone and that you don’t have to carry the weight of the world all by your self.

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